Sunday, November 16, 2008

On my 70th Birthday

Recently I celebrated my 70th Birthday with family and friends.

Everything was lovely, many gifts, many hugs and kisses and many well-wishes...

But... the most beautiful of all was one of the Birthday cards I received, which touched my heart.

It was a simple card with a picture of a large cake and many candles on it...

But... the wording on it were as words from angels. I don't know if the person who gave me this card realized the deeper message which this card brought to me.

Please, allow me to share it with you.

Your Birthday is a "CELEBRATION OF YOU".
Certain people make life brighter for others,
just by being who they are.

Today, on your Birthday, imagine a cake
with a candle for each time you've cared,
a candle for each time you've put others first,
for each time you've listened and shared.

The light from those candles
would warm the whole world,
much like the kind things you do...
a sweet celebration for all the good things
that shine beautifull, brightly through you.
* ~ * ~ * ~ *

May the God of heaven and earth make these words come true in my life for His glory and the benefit of His children. AMEN AND AMEN!!

Thank You Lord!
His servant,
Dr. Trudy Veerman

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Pauline Robertson said...

God is a faithful God, even in the precious times he speaks to us and tells us we are his children

People see Jesus in your eyes Dr. Trudy !