Tuesday, August 28, 2012

God's Word to the Poor

The sorrows of death compassed me, and the pains of hell gat hold upon me: I found trouble and sorrow. Then called I upon the name of the LORD; O LORD, I beseech Thee, deliver my soul. Gracious is the LORD, and righteous; yea, our God is merciful. Psalm 116:3-5

* No matter how poor you are, for God looks at the heart.

* The Father will give you rest, even if you have no bed to sleep.

* He will be your Friend, when others despise and forsake you. 

* God will be your Father, when you have none. 

* When all abandon you, God will not forsake you.

* If you lack decent clothing, the Father will give you the Robe of 

* When there is no food, He will invite you to the Wedding Feast.

* If you have no home to go to, He has prepared a place for you.

* Whatever your situation may be, the Father will come down, 
   wipe your tears and carry you Home.

And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call. Joel 2:32

May you be encouraged and blessed.

In the service of the Master,
Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Returning for His Bride!

Many deceiving spirits are on the loose, to spread the "LIE", just to keep people away from God's truth. 
Woe unto those through whom the devil speaks these lies. Satan will be put in the lake of fire, but be not mistaken for those who are the workers of evil will be put in the same place, where there will be agony upon agony WITHOUT relief and WITHOUT end.

If the Messiah returns on the clouds to claim His own... when the Bridegroom comes to meet His Bride, we better make sure we are part of His Bride. The Bride filled with the Holy Spirit, Who functions as a "VOUCHER", and of Whom we  possess the Gifts. 

We are the purchased possession, those that kept their garments clean.... Beloved don't touch the unclean, this "world" and the filth thereof. Keep your garments clean and your lamp filled with oil, if you WANT TO MEET JESUS ON THE CLOUDS, when He comes for His Bride. 
REMEMBER, it will be in a twinkling of an eye... no time to get ready... therefore BE READY. 

The message of His return has gone out, the SIGNS are following, similar as the announcement of His Birth. DON'T BE A FOOL thinking His coming is far off, because you may be left behind even if you are saved.
YOU NEED TO BE HIS BRIDE WITHOUT SPOT OR WRINKLE... otherwise you will be left behind in the Great Tribulation, as the 5 foolish virgins.

In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the Word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise.
The Holy Spirit is "the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession", unto the praise of His glory. Ephesians 1:13,14

CLARIFICATION: "The earnest of our inheritance means literally: Sealed with the Holy Spirit, WHO IS A DEPOSIT GUARANTEEING OUR INHERITANCE. 
Conclusion: Without the infilling of the Holy Spirit one does not have this GUARANTEE... and will stay behind, going through the great tribulation. Many will come through this time of unimaginary heartship, pain, suffering and of beheading for their faith in Christ.

YES... JESUS... JESUS... JESUS, The name above all names. The bright and morning Star. The Son of God, The Saviour of the world and of all those who acknowledge Him as the Son of God.
He was dead but rose again after three days. Jesus is The Life and The Resurrection, therefore we will be resurrected at His coming, in a twinkling of an eye. He who has the Son has life eternal.

JESUS is ALL you need. He is our All in All. He was rejected by His own people, the lost sheep of Isreal.
Then He began to reach out to the heathen... the woman at the well. He gave her Living water. He healed those who were not of the lost sheep and they became His people. 

Jesus is still touching lives. He is the Light of the world. Anyone who calls upon His name shall be saved.
Many will listen to His voice and enter into the Glory of God.
What a glorious day that will be, when my Saviour I shall see. HALLELUJAH!

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. 1 Thessalonians 4:17,18

In the Love of Christ,
Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sing Praises!

You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, to the end that my glory may sing praise to You and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever. Psalm 30:11,12

AWESOME... AWESOME words for us to repeat in days of trouble, and to glorify His name with speaking out His Word, making it our own. 

We must become "possessors" of THE WORD. 
NO matter in what situation we find ourselves in: 
how hopeless it may look; 
how disturbing it may be; 
how much hurt we feel; 
how bad we are treated; 
how poor we have become; 
how often we've been kicked;
how much we've been forgotten;
how little love we have received.

Sing Praises unto God, the Father!

Through MANY trials I have come, terrible attacks in my body I have endured, and unimaginary situations I have gone through. 
I dare to testify that GOD'S WORD DID SUSTAIN ME. He rescued me by His unmeasurable Love, Grace and Mercy. And this counts for whosoever calls upon His name... have FAITH!

If there were difficulties I grabbed God's word, if there was illness or conflict... God's word was on my lips. 
Was I attacked by the devil himself, I cut him off with the sword of righteousness and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I have experienced in my Christian walk that we are called to be CONQUERORS WITH CHRIST, but it is up to us to interact and stand firm upon His word, even if we feel or see the opposite. 

I have nothing else and nothing left than to act upon the Word of God in ALL aspect of my life. I am walking a one-way direction... God's Way.


Writing all the above... I am overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord. 

But know that the LORD hath set apart him that is godly for Himself: the LORD will hear when I call unto Him. Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah. Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the LORD. Psalm 4:3-5



In His service,

Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman