Sunday, February 09, 2014

A Word Spoken!

Below is a spontaneous Word of the Lord,  I posted today elsewhere.


Whosoever seeks the Lord in all sincerity; cleaning him/herself from unrighteousness; forsaking all worldliness; desiring to follow Christ all the way in good and bad times; conquering evil in the name of Jesus, will receive all and any of the Promises of God as stated in His Word. 

The such will experience the following:

You are the LIVING PROOF of God's mercy, His Love, His forgiveness, His Restoration, His Loving Kindness and so much more. 

Our Father offered His Son so we received LIFE AND THAT ABUNDANTLY. God raised us up to SOMETHING, while we were nothing. The Glory of God has overshadowed us and put our feet on HIGH PLACES. 

Our Father bestowed upon us the GLORY OF HIS KINGDOM. He has called us to PRIESTHOOD and to be His Hand extended. He has clothed us with His Righteousness so His blessings will flow from us to those in need. 

He has given us NEW EYES and CLEAR UNDERSTANDING to see and grasp how to divide His Word correctly and how to present His Voice to the hungry and the poor who seek His Righteousness

For the glory of the Lord!

Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman

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