Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Thoughts to Share.

Let us climb up higher... Let's reach heaven's portal... Let's storm the heavens above and call upon Almighty God in time of need. For when we call upon Him, He will be heard from His glorious chamber and turn our night into a bright day. HAVE FAITH IN GOD!

From the end of the earth will I cry unto Thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: LEAD ME TO THE ROCK THAT IS HIGHER THAN I. For Thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy. Psalm 61:2,3

Let us allow the Father to lead us in ALL truth, and may we share the knowledge and wisdom He has revealed unto us. His ways are so much higher than ours... Let us go up and reach out for more of Him.

FORGET the problems you've faced, but REMEMBER the lessons you've learned! ... and PRACTICE what you have learned!

Keep your eyes focused on the Fulfiller of your faith. No matter what troubles you, He will bestow you with good gifts. ALL good things come from HIM!

God is unlimited. To get through to us He may use any method He sees fit, in order to present us His "message" and speak to us.

Give ear, O ye heavens, and I will speak; and hear, O earth, the words of My mouth.  Deuteronomy 32:1

The servant of God, being filled with the Holy Spirit and who walks according to His Statutes and Ordinances, has the authority over satan and the fallen angels of darkness. Such servants will be victorious over the powers in the heavenly region, binding the same and setting the captive free. Bringing deliverance, healing and salvation to those in need. 
All done for the benefit of mankind and for the GLORY of GOD!

You think you can sing this song and then act upon these words?

I have decided to follow Jesus;
I have decided to follow Jesus;
I have decided to follow Jesus;
No turning back, no turning back.

Tho' none go with me, I still will follow,
Tho' none go with me I still will follow,
Tho' none go with me, I still will follow;
No turning back, no turning back.

My cross I'll carry, till I see Jesus;
My cross I'll carry till I see Jesus,
My cross I'll carry till I see Jesus;
No turning back, No turning back.

The world behind me, the cross before me,
The world behind me, the cross before me;
The world behind me, the cross before me;
No turning back, no turning back.

Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn Thy commandments.  They that fear Thee will be glad when they see me; because I have hoped in Thy word. Psalm 119:73,74

I have learned to trust God, after which my faith grew steadily. 
Trust and Faith go hand in hand to see God at work. Over the years I have learned to trust God blindly, and this has been worked out in my life by thoroughly "investigating" and looking for specifics and fine lines in the Old Testament stories.

I came to learn and read much more secrets between the lines than I ever read before. Not that I imagined something which was not written, but which was actually there, but never caught on. I have several writings which show some of the often overlooked lines.

When I began to understand more of God's personal involvement in the lives of some of the Old Testament figures, I took it as being done/spoken unto me, and it became my own. Through this trust in God, my faith grew tremendously. I have been brought into situation where God reminds me to exercise my faith.

I do not ask to walk smooth paths 
Nor bear an easy load, 
I pray for strength and fortitude 
To climb the rock-strewn road. 
Give me such courage I can scale
The hardest peaks alone, 
And transform every stumbling block 
Into a stepping-stone.


For the Glory of God.
Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman

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