Sunday, September 08, 2013

How to Preach and Teach

If more laws are being implemented against the Word of God and against those who proclaim the TRUTH, much persecution and suffering will become the routine of the day.

They'll grab me first, due to many writings, revelations and
prophecies on my four websites, including all I posted on Facebook. 
There is NO hiding nowadays, and one is easily tracked.
But PRAISE GOD, we who are proclaiming His truth will be hidden in the "ARK" and will land safely on the other shore.

Through my internet communication and websites I am directed to the Body of Christ, for instructing, warning and teaching. I am not telling what the "world" SHOULD be doing, unless they want to hear/read God's will and purpose. I am not throwing pearls before the swine. We cannot lay God's will/law upon those who do not want to hear, since this shows condemnation, which is NOT our calling. And we shall not judge the world at this moment.

We should preach and pray, but cannot command the unbelievers not to get drunk, commit adultery, abortion, steal, nor change the laws of the ungodly country, etc. because it will not penetrate their hearts outside of God, and we are NOT called to do so. We are called to preach Christ and Him crucified.... PERIOD!

Much what believers may think they must do causes problems and
unnecessary persecution of the Church. We have to see to it that our Brothers and Sisters do not fall/stay in sin, and warn them to keep their garments clean. God will only reveal Himself to those who are hungry for Him and His truth.

In the natural world we look after our own family and raise our own children, NOT the neighbours' kids. We are not supposed to lay the rules on others outside of the family of God, unless God gives us the opportunity under the leading of the Holy Spirit only.

The above is what God has revealed to us, over and over again.

Go in Peace!

In Christ,
Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman

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