Sunday, October 11, 2009

Modern Christianity

Many don't WANT to see what is needed to really follow Christ. It is a matter of sacrificing oneself, the "old flesh", which is not popular at all. No, they say, we must have confidence in ourselves and high self-esteem, which is more palatable. The church is following worldly psychology rather than God's word.

They want to be entertained, or just think that attending a church and hear the word (whatever that may be) is enough to enter heaven. BUT the sad thing is... this is NOT enough. Jesus Himself says: "Not they that say Lord Lord... BUT WHO DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER."

Some preachers are guilty of leading the flock astray. I have said several times that in case of, if your church need a preacher for a service, I would love to come and preach God's word. They know that I will rock the church with the power of God when I get a chance... so I'm not asked to preach

Many of the church members are hungry for a Word which speaks personally to them. They want to hear what GOD HAS TO SAY, but don't know how to present this to the pastor and speak up. Others who want to be entertained... SPEAK UP... THUS entertainment they'll get.

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Be blessed in the Lord.

His servant,
Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman



Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Trudy!
The Blog said it like it is for today. I have found that a lot of preachers are preaching what they have found in someone else's books.. and not studying the Bible and praying for wisdom to deliver the message for today.. and to wake people up from their slumber. I went to church last night. Our church video tapes the messages.. and it was SO dull.. that I almost fell asleep. Telling old jokes that have been on the net for the past ten years. It is sad. If ever a Salvation message is to be given out .. it is NOW!! The world is in chaos and most of the churches seem to be deaf and blind to the happenings and give NO warning signs..

The scriptures you added to your Blog are SO excellent. I think of you and your ministry when I read them. "Continue to bring GOOD NEWS!"

God bless your new Blog.. and God bless your special ministry to others.

In Him,

Anonymous said...

The lie that was spoken to Adam and Eve is still alive today!! "you will not surely..." Gen. 3 : 3 - 4

If he can get Gods People to DOUBT God means what He says he has already took our faith . He will stand by any Child of God that is holding on to Gods Promises and say "you will not surely...". But I read where God said "what I have spoken I WILL DO IT"". That is recorded more than one time , He means what He says!!

I have sent out WARNINGS of Judgment on this Nation because of sin [Disobedience to Gods Word ] and I can tell you there IS MUCH UNBELIEF about how God will handle disobedience . There is even ANGER that one would even say "God will rain judgment down".

God let me know that disobedience in ones life will be dealt with if not repented , such as abortion and homosexual life .
But He also said "when a nation makes it a law of the land then the nation will be dealt with". He did it in Sodom and Gomorra's day and He is still a God Of HIS WORD!!! But I will still send out warnings as the Holy Ghost gives for He gave me a scripture to stand on when He gave me this ministry , Isaiah 58 : 1 .

Thank you for the message!!! Juanita Pike

The Mom said...

Thank you Pastor Trudy, for a word in season.

Blessings to you and yours,