Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lamentation For My Bride

Lamentation For My Bride
I love you so much, I gave My life for you.
Nothing means more to Me than you
Not kingdoms, not wealth, not even life itself
Love is so infinite that nothing can compare.
But you - Oh my love - you don't understand.
I want to do so much for you
I want to give you peace, happiness, contentment.
I want to show you a relationship beyond description.
But things get in the way, and distract you
Idols, possessions, money, fame, careers.
You turn your affections in other directions.
They make you miserable, and you don't even know it.
You're wretched, miserable, poor, blind
You only come to me when you get desperate
I'm always there, I've kept my promise
But you only call on me to solve your problems.
You play church just enough to quench your guilt
You give only because you know I'll multiply it back
If I don't give you what you want
Then you lean on your own understanding to get it your way.
Your own thoughts - which are not mine -
convince you that you're right
You justify your decisions, you have your own plans
I provide and perform based on My promises,
But you use it to establish credibility, then lead people astray
How much I want to come to you - to be your Husband
But I can't - you won't let me - your refuse My love
I want to love you, but you just tolerate Me.
You're so busy about what you think is my business.
If you could only see that your token favors are meaningless
I don't want your sacrifices - I want your obedience.
If you would only obey me without questioning,
I could make you what you were meant to be -
A vessel of My love.


Dr. Stephen Hopper said...

How beautiful are these words of sorrow. As each moment of each day passes, less and less is truly remembered. As man continues to close off himself to the passions that come from true oneness in spirit, I myself weep for lost love.

No not inside of my heart do I cry for I know the love of Christ and why He died. My tears are for those who will not see, that He is not dead, He has Risen for thee!

The weight of the price that He paid on the Cross, in tenderness His love encompassed the lost. Only love and remembrance did He request that we give, the same love and devotion each day that we live.

The shame and the sorrow was finished you see, it was left back at Calvary being nailed to that Tree. Today we fail to look back and see, the shadowy branches of what should not be.

After all that Christ has given to us, why do we cause Him to lament of the dust, that we choose to serve this human body, rejecting the Seed of our Heavenly Father.

Why do you choose your ways you think without reason, your short small existence is just for a season. The flesh that you serve is not of your making, it has been given for your use, but it is Gods for the taking.

It houses the reason that reacts with emotion, as it is guided by death a satanic potion.

You search for and seek for more pleasures to fill, this cup of darkness thats only a shell. It was given to you to provide for your needs, to shelter your spirit as you sought out His Word.

Man has continued the path and the ways of his fathers, but as his kingdom fails he can look back and find, that he is no different than all of mankind.

Except for one man who shared in the flesh, this body of dust, of despair and regret. He is your Father that cared enough to love, thus sending His Son from His Heaven above.

The mystery is solved, there is no hidden secret, love shines brightly never hidden in darkness. It is the brightness of light and the wisdom from above, simply stated...God is Love!

The Lord God made us to live life eternal, but man chose himself over the Father which made him. We freely took of sin and we placed, our bodies of flesh before the Spirit of Grace.

Since the time that we left the Garden of Grace, we have opened our hearts and let sin replace, the honest love and life that was given, by our Father who cried as we walked out of Heaven.

The time for testing and trying is over, man has caused His God to look down in judgement, for we have hurt our dear Lord since the time that He made us, never taking time for Him or sharing the love that He gave us.

Do not blame our Father when you close your eyes, and wake up in darkness away from the Light. He gave us His only Son for He loves us, Jesus the Christ our Saviour and Brother, for thousands of years He has given us a chance, but man never fails he always chooses another.

The final separation of man is approaching, from God who man chooses to show no devotion.
God has shown His Love and has paid the cost, the final Lamentation for the Dead, is that man always chooses to be LOST!

Christ's servant,
Dr. Stephen Hopper

Servant of the Most High said...

Thank you, so much Dr. Hopper for these poetic stranzas, which come from the heart of one who follows after God's heart.

A sincere word and warning of God to them that have not totally committed their lives to Him.

May the reader take note and cry unto God before the time arrives that nobody can work, as the night falls.

In His service and for His glory.