Sunday, December 04, 2005

Our Wonderful God and Father

We serve a wonderful God, whose strength is immeasurable. No matter what we face He is able and willing to support us and get us through.

Just observe the firmament; watch the clouds move or the rain come down. This is our Father who put this all in place. We never need to feel hopeless or helpless when He walks beside us.

His rod and His staff comfort me. I rejoice in the God of my salvation.
Glory to our God and Father!

Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God?
Thou art the God that doest wonders: Thou hast declared Thy strength among the people.
Thou hast with Thine arm redeemed Thy people, the sons of Jacob and Joseph. Selah.
The waters saw Thee, O God, the waters saw Thee; they were afraid: the depths also were troubled.
The clouds poured out water: the skies sent out a sound: Thine arrows also went abroad.
The voice of Thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook.
Thy way is in the sea, and Thy path in the great waters, and Thy footsteps are not known.
Psalm 77:13-19

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