Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Hiding Place

Hiding in God, to be in that Secret place
To commune with Him and seek His holy face
Is our desperate need in our daily walk
To stay pure in our thoughts, deeds and talk

We need to give Him all that we've gathered
Our pain, our fear and things that have bothered
The anger and frustration will break us down
If not surrendered we'll miss the crown

Giving it all to Him may be hard some days
To speak it out may just leave you in a daze
So, write down your confession in black and white
And you'll be surprised what you've tried to hide

Don't skip the secret corners of your heart
As this covers mostly the biggest part
Where sins are hidden from the human eye
Do include them in your letter to the Most High

Then humbly kneel down and present it to the Lord
Allow Him to read the pages that you wrought 
His eyes will move from your writing ... across to you
While Jesus will be standing between the two

This will be your perfect hiding place 
For Jesus covers the sin of the human race
No writing on your paper will to be found by God
Because Jesus wiped it out with His Blood

Your sheets will be blank and your slate clean
No need to go back to something not seen
So march forward in the strength of His Might
And stay on His path as you walk in His Light

* * * * * *

Copyright © Dr. Trudy Veerman, 2013
from my writing

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