Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Labourers with God.

A Brother in Christ wrote the following line on my Facebook site: "I remember reading your testimony about the miracles of healing you've received before....I think we would be right to expect another miracle, don't you?"
My reply is below.

Certainly, Brother. 
I was healed already somewhere in February of this year, as I wrote this on my BlogSpot website. But the "eye" had to see it yet. My physical condition has been excellent ever since. Never felt sick, never stayed in bed, even after each surgery I immediately continued with my family duties and my Ministry. And the three surgeries took between 1 and 1 1/2 hr each. So it was more than just cutting finger nails. 
Even on this, one could conclude that I was already made whole by the FATHER. 

I even told the oncologist that I was going to ride my motorbike the day after my first surgery. Perhaps he thought I was joking, but I was NOT. He may not even belief I had a motorbike at 73 years old. LOL. I rode my bike the next day.

This cancer issue NEVER stopped me from my daily work. Yes, you are correct, we are expecting miracles. Please, consider that every experience is different, and every sickness or problem needs to be conquered individually. We need to learn to become more persistent in believing God's promises. Each battle comes from a different angle, and one does not know the "core" of the battle until he/she gets truly involved (applying God's word). We know that God's promises are true and He will do according to His word... but nothing comes by itself and nothing comes easy, because we are still learning.

The Lord wants His children to use their spiritual muscles to fight and to conquer. This is what makes us strong in faith and strong to help others in time of need. Whatever happens to His children, God will use it to "train" them. 

Nothing in life is easy, even coming out of bed in the morning can cause an ugly mood, if one went too late to bed. Do you see the "picture"? Things need to be worked out. The lives of the Apostles were far from pleasant since they had lots of opposition. Daniel thought that he could get away with praying out loud with the windows open, (remember) while there was a decree out that the people should not pray for a certain time. He never expected to be thrown in the lions' den. But he did! At that point Daniel had to start exercising his trust in God, because God was not going to do this alone. Faith moves mountains you know, and it will certainly close the mouth of a lion.

God allows us to get in situations to see our reaction, at least to see how we trust Him and to "train" His children. He provides the opportunities for us to exercise our faith. Similar to a father who makes his child run after a ball, to develop the leg muscles.

Here comes in the scripture, "For we are labourers (co-workers) together with God: ye are God's husbandry, ye are God's building." 1 Cor 3:9
Followers of Christ are NO puppets.

God delights in our fellowship and desires to have us join Him in His work, even in receiving our personal healing.
May God bless His Co-Workers. 


Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman

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