Thursday, February 12, 2009

Animals, God's Creation!

For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. Romans 8:22

This is Katie which we picked up from the animal shelter when she was just over one year old. She was an abused doggie, small in size, underfed, underweight, bones sticking out and no fur on her lower back, with cigaret burn marks on her little head.

I rescued her and therefore became "mother" of this very scared little friend. I carefully raised her and mixed beepollen and codliver oil in her food. She didn't know what dogfood was, so I had to give a little bit all througout the day. She was so happy to live with us in the country with lots of room. Although weak, she could hardly stop running in circles everytime we let her outside.

Slowly she gained some weight and strength and began to eat much better. Since she has been abused by male owners, a place where the police was often called, she was very afraid of men, especially in dark clothing. Therefore it took at least 3 months before she accepted my husband. She followed me everywhere and went where I went. She grew into a lovely pet and is now over 13 years old.(added later, Katie died on March 28th, 2009 after I wrote this blog)

"Even the animals are awaiting redemption of the curses that humans have brought upon this planet!" Yes... it is sad...

Just think about all the animals and birds who have died and suffered, and still are, in the horrific fires going on in Australia at this time. I love animals, wild and domesticated, and have looked after many of them during my lifetime.

Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. Romans 8:22

Mother duck and her babies are some of the wild pets of my friend Pat, who also loves animals of all sorts and feeds them. These creatures are so beautiful and the Creator is the TOP first class "Artist". What a wonderful Father we serve!

We saved a newborn Heifer calf which got lost and survived on swamp water. We were the first humanbeings she ever saw when we got her out of the woods, and my husband carried it on his shoulders, as a lamb.

I hand-raised her with a little milk each time and some pellets to avoid her getting scours. She knew me as her "mother" and softly mooed when I came into the barn to feed her or clean up. Even when she grew bigger she still greeted me when I entered the barn and even when she was grazing in the field. I brushed her daily and we were the best friends.

Next she gave us a calf and we milked her with a single milking machine. She came into the barn by herself, when it was milking time. Pails full of nutritious milk. I made lots of yoghurt for a hungry bunch of kids.

How the Lord blessed us!

At one time we found an abandoned duck nest with eggs in it. I took the eggs home put them in a cardboard box with straw and rags on the bottom. I rigged up an old lamp and put a thermometer in the box to keep the eggs at the right temperature. I even got up in the middle of the night to check, and sometimes had to adjust the position of the lamp, not to get the eggs too hot or too cold. It took about 28 days when some of the eggs hatched, and the feeding began.

This is our wild racoon friend at our cottage, who did visit us from time to time.

My husband Casey loves birds and he has quite a number of these feathered friends. Several kind of birds eat right out of his hand and some from his mouth...

I had a few canaries for fun, for a number of years, when they started to lay eggs. I didn't know anything about raising birds but I soon learned. The eggs hatched in 10 days and I had to provide special soft food for mother canary to feed her babies. I made the soft food from my own recipe of eggs, fine ground grains and a little honey, mixed well and made into a pancake shape and microwaved for a short while. I then fed small pieces to mother canary and she in turn fed her babies.

Mother canary even allowed me to take her babies out of the nest. And when we went cruising with our boat for weeks we took the birdcages with us, eggs and all... The eggs would hatch right on board ship. No matter what the weather was like, the birds were happy.

What a joy this has been. Thank you Lord!

Here you see my little Froggie friend taking a daily bath in a jam jar lid.

This 1.5 inches cute little treefrog has become my latest "pet". I found this froggie amongst my plants in the sunroom, October 2008. It must have come in the house when I brought the plants home from the cottage. By now it was getting too cold to put her outside. She would freeze to death.

We didn't notice it earlier since it "lived" amongst my plants and must have been feeding on the flies and insects. My husband noticed it sitting on the window sill. I went on the Internet to learn what to feed it, since all the flies had been eaten already. Let's not get in detail of feeding, because you will bend over laughing.

Shortly after I could stroke it, but handling it is not advised. I spray it with a fine mist of water a few times per day and "she" bathes herself daily in the jar lid. True!! I talk to it in a special way and it knows now my voice and looks up at me. Often she hides and is hard to find, but never leaves the plants' area. She is not caged in, but does not roam too far. She is soooo cute, as you can see. It must be a "she", because she likes her picture being taken... smile!

Let me add to this story what happened since I wrote the above.

It became Spring 2009 and our Froggie had been moving around in the house and at times could not be found. Everyday it moved back to the sunroom where I left food and her "bathing water", so I could see the evidence that it was still around. I talked to it even if I didn't see Froggie, and it popped up from time to time.

One sunny morning I went upstairs to my office to work on my computer. I turned on the light beside my monitor and while I pushed the button of the sound system right by the light, I saw to my BIG surprise Froggie sitting on the elevated part of my desk where my monitor stands on. It was not sitting sideways or backwards, but perfectly facing me and staring at me.

I began to talk to it (in my special animal talk) and said: "What are you doing here, how did you find me and what do you want?" It was just sitting quietly, looking right into my eyes.

I was deeply moved by the fact that Froggie knew where I did spend most of my time, and had come all the way upstairs climbing along the walls, through a door opening and taking another wall, then jumped on my desk at the precise place where I would see it, without uttering a sound. I thought to myself: "This must be God's creation trying to tell me something."

Still staring at me, all of a sudden I knew what it came for this far. Froggy wanted to go outside and seek friends. She was tired of eating my lifeless flies, dipped in honey and frog crumbs. I said: "OK, I will bring you outside." Carefully I picked it up and carried it in the palm of my hand to the outdoors. Now it was free! It disappeared in the wooded area around our home.

During the summer of 2009 we walked in our woods and I noticed a treefrog sitting on the ground amongst the leaves and I began to talk as I used to do to my Froggie. It sat there and listened. We came closer, but it never moved away. I talked some more in the familiar way and I knew that it was my Froggie. We left it alone and walked on.

Fall 2009 came and one day my husband found Froggie sitting on the desk in his workshop, 500 ft from our home. It had come inside through a window which was only half an inch left open. Casey talked to it, as I used to do, while Froggie was listening. He picked it up and brought it outside. Froggie wanted to come inside for the winter, but knowing that frogs will hibernate if left alone, we decided not to bring Froggie inside again.

This has been one of the most outstanding and wonderful experiences we have had with God's creation.

We'll see if we meet again in 2010.

I have mentioned above only a few incidents we did have with animals. I have one remarkable story to tell about a God-sent dog, Brutus, we had in earlier years. I hope to write about this in more detail in another Blog post, at some time.

Yes, it is possible that the Lord brings animals on our path for various reasons or purposes. It taught me much patience, determination and endurance

God's love is seen all around us
if we just would recognize His care
His creation shows us all about this
as we watch the cub and mother bear

She keeps it far away from danger
tenderly caresses and feeds her offspring
With her own life she'll defend it
giving protection as to her baby she'll cling

In a small way this reflects God's love
for He takes care of all that we'll need
Through His Son, who is our Savior
we have His protection in word and deed

So let the things of this world not be a bother
giving it all into the Father's hand
He certainly knows of what making you are
Nevertheless, He will uphold you till the end

I hope you enjoyed me ranting about my animal friends.

Blessings from the Father and Creator of all things.

Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Trudy,
I was MOST touched by your new Blog.
It was especially nice to see that you added a picture I sent you of the little duck family.
It was SO nice to read something so warm and heartfelt in these days of trouble and chaos.
The stories of your helping animals back to good health was very touching.
It may be a good idea to send it out for ALL to read and view the pictures.
It definitely gave me a warm glow of happiness..
God bless you and God bless this Blog.
In Him,

Doris said...

Oh Precious, what beautiful stories! Yes, I agree with Pat; sharing these 'good news' stories of happy times with animals is wonderfully timely and a most welcome blessing. Thank you for your faithfulness!

(((HUGS))) and blessings,

Doris H. <><

Jamie (birdluvn) said...

PTL & Truly Awesome!!!!

Thank you for caring and sharing these blessings indeed!!

Love, ysic
Jamie <><

Servant of the Most High said...

Dear Pat, Doris and Jamie,
Thanks for your comments.
I'm glad your were blessed by the short stories. You know what is so noticable that each animal has also its own character. No two dogs, cats, birds etc are the same. They look different from each other and have their own idiosyncrasy, just as humans have.

God Almighty has created all things wonderfully and awesomely.

In Christ,
Dr. Trudy Veerman

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Trudy,

I sooo much enjoyed reading your latest blogs on the experiences you have had with Gods creatures.

You have enjoyed first hand taking the care and the love for these little ones, and have shared them with us to remind us that its in giving and loving to all Gods creation, that is what is most important.

Thank you for sharing!
James Lewis

Anonymous said...

Dr. Trudy,

Thank you so much for sharing your life experinces with God's little creations..The story about the little tree frog is very touching as are all the animal stories...I am so sorry you lost Katie but, the Lord sent her to you so she would know love and be nurtured..What a blessing you are not only to mankind but, to the animal kingdom God created for us to enjoy..God bless you always,

Pastor Gerri

台北榮總兒醫部 優生檢驗組 said...

Hi Dr. Trudy

I enjoyed reading your blog, and this one really touched me. Thank you for sharing. God bless!


Servant of the Most High said...

Thank you, Pastor Gerri and Tina for leaving comments to my Blog. I am happy I have been encouraged by my friend Pat to share some of my animal stories with you.

May His name be praised in all I do to mankind, animals and nature at large.

In Christ.
Dr. Trudy Veerman