Sunday, July 13, 2008


Have you ever thought about the fact that millions of Christians have become slaves of the "money grabbers", aka credit cards, as if the Lord is not able to provide for them! Or they got into bondage due to the lust of their flesh as they say... "I want this NOW" (never mind if it is needed or not). Self-discipline is long time gone. Their debt has become sky high while using several credit cards.

They're sinking fast in a pool of stress, depression and misery because they cannot rise above the debt they put themselves into.

Many have allowed themselves to be tied down on all sides. Are they now surprised that they've lost direction and cannot hear the voice of God anymore?

I pray that many will drastically and abruptly change their ways and trust God for their needs, instead of the "princes" of this world.

Owe no man anything, but to love one another. Romans 13:8

The following links bring you to messages of warning from the Father in Prophetic utterances.

Relying on Princes or Depending on God!

For the other message, click the link below the graphic. MY PEOPLE GO!

May you experience the touch of the Master, I pray.

In His service and for His Glory, I remain.

Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman


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Anonymous said...

WoW! Dr. Veerman you have hit the nail dead center on the head. I have been trying to get my friends and family to see this exact thing. Slaves the people of world are!, especially North Americans. No wonder people have not got time for God for they are rapped up in a number, the one on their credit card (s). The old devil will even let ya buy the whole family and friends a day (s) of fantastic fun and pleasures, just put it on the plastic and slave to pay him back later. It reminds me of the Daniel Webster and the Devil story, sell your soul to him and it is almost impossible to get out of your contract. Keep up the Good work!!

Tommy, Fairview Community, Texas