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Joking about Serious Issues!


Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile. Psalm 34:13

Stop joking around about serious issues.

by Phillip LaSpino

Following is another area of concern for me. Satan and his disciples of light have made a joke and mockery of the things of God. It has watered down the Christ and His finished work. This articles subject is another piece that fits in with Ferryman's article, "Lets get Christ back into Christianity.

Lets begin with a few jokes.

A lady was asked by a friend, "where do you think your recently deceased husband's has gone. The lady responded, "Well, I suppose the poor man is enjoying eternal bliss, but I wish you wouldn't talk about such unpleasant subjects."

This type of joke will make most of us smile. But does this joke have a deeper meaning?

Apparently the lady looked upon death as "eternal bliss, yet, an unpleasant subject of conversation. She summarizes in her comments the predicament of living in a house divided by a believer (her deceased husband) and her, she being a non-believer. This joke carries with it unconscious overtones and undertones, audible to the soul and spirit.

2 Cor.6:14, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion = (fellowship) hath light with darkness?" This is a serious issue with God.

In a way, the joke makes a mockery of 2 Cor.6:14.

A man in Europe returned from a journey. Upon entering his wives bedroom, he found her in the arms of the local bishop. After a moment's hesitation, the man walked calmly to a window facing the main street, leaned out, and began to bless those standing in the street.

"What are you doing?" cried his wife. The man said, "because the bishop is performing my duties, I am performing his."

Again, jokes like this will put a smile on our faces, but is it mocking an important Biblical issue?

Upon examination, the joke reveals that the bishop's behaviour is both unexpected and perfectly logical, but not a logic usually applied to this type of situation. It is the logic of the division of labor.

The bishops conduct would have been expected to be directed by a different set of rules, that being the code of sexual morality, a code as old a civilization itself.

Its the clash between these two mutually exclusive codes; one of labor, the other of morality. When they clash, it produces a comic effect. God said, Ex.20:14, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." The world jokes and we smile.

Jokes concerning Biblical issues result in the mocking of God and His word. To joke about these things, does not require a sharp mind, because the subject matter makes it very easy to do so. Religious jokes concerning serious issues, will leave you with no pleasure. Also, serious Christians will consider you to have bad taste.

Lets suppose some intelligent, rational thinking people who were not Christians, were to visit America, in order to examine American Christianity.

As they move about the country, visiting our public schools, listening to T.V. reading commentaries in newspapers, watch our movies, hear the teaching of evolution to our children and the trivializing of God. The Bible and its many important and serious issues are taken lightly, and for the most part, ignored.

They hear jokes about Peter meeting us at the golden gate, the pastors wife, and the priests daughter etc. What inference would these strangers be likely to draw about Americans?

They would no doubt conclude that no one took the Bible seriously. Many Americans' considering the whole subject of Scripture as being nothing but a string of fables, mythologies, and fairy tales. Therefore Bible characters and events, must have been invented for the amusement of men.

Now in time these foreigners learn that the things in Scripture are true and not myths. They begin to understand that America was settled by Christian's; most having lived by Biblical principles; the courts having been founded on God's dictates of law and justice; the constitution reflecting God's word, and public education having been founded by Christian men and women.

Question: What would they think of Christian America now? They now understood our past, and observe our actions and words today.

They would regard this as proof of the great power and influences that evil has over us. The devil has blinded the spiritual discernment of Americans'.

Satan has so deceived us concerning moral attitudes, judgements, and sentiments. He has so hardened our hearts, that we make jokes about, regarding these issues with careless apathy.

This spiritual enemy offers poison disguised as candy. The dangers he exposes us to and the end ruin of his victims are trivialized, laughed about and made to be entertainment and amusement.

My question, what so funny about sin, evil, death, hell, and Satan? These are not subjects to be mocked.

People finding a form of joke in the subject of horror: Satan having introduced these things as simply an allusion and we fell for it.

What does the Lord think when we joke about these things? Would you present your joke, or a distorted humor to Him as a gift of thanks for His finished work?

Generally speaking, God fearing people would never be accustomed to regard any wickedness, or eternal misery as a subject for a joke. Personally Personally I do not find amusement in the Slaughter of millions by butchers like Hitler, Stalin and Pol-Pot. Yet many do.

There is nothing funny about child molesters, rapist, pushers and users of drugs, porn, drunks, liars, thieves. These are the workers, and the work of Satan and the sin produced by indulging in them. Serious Christians do not find the suffering of others as something to be trivialized, or joked about.

But many others do find a form of amusement in these things. And that amusement and joking does have a way of making serious minded people begin to treat these matters less seriously.

First we may smile, then laugh, then join in laughing and joking about the pitiful situation that has befallen others.

Forty years ago those who had committed sodomy would have landed you in jail. Today it is promoted, joked about and taught in public schools to our children as an alternative life style.

The gay community flaunts their life style now, by producing it as entertainment on T.V. sit-coms. Theirs an old saying, once you let the camels nose in the tent, eventually you will share your tent with the whole camel.

When the world mocks God, His church, and things relevant to salvation, why are so many Christians' offended? We promote these things, by watching, and spending our money on those companies who finance them.

Our sacred issues are eternally connected with the issues of evil, we ourselves making light of the evil, yet offended when that which is holy is mocked.

When new movies come out that degrade our Lord, His people, and His word, it would be interesting to know how many Christians indulge in viewing them.

When the ridicules is confused with religious issues, it tends to disfigure the truth by blending elements of falsehood with it. The attack and infiltrating effect that doctrinal error or deviation have, come in the form of myths, superstitions and hearsay, they can become extremely dangerous to the body of believers.

A God driven church, with godly people, having a godly leadership will find it their duty to show that absurd things are absurd. Not absurd merely because people have a tendency to smile at things, but because of the absurdity of the thing itself.

Nothing will change or harm God's truths, even when taken lightly, or joked about. If Christians were to begin to strip and tear away the fabric of weakness in the churches, absurd things and the delusions of false reasonings would eventually disappear. God's truths would again begin to heal and bless us.

The young are mostly effected by these adult ludicrous and ridiculous representations. Mature Christians must show the young by example that no part of Scripture is to be joked about or treated lightly.

If not informed, a certain contempt for these particular matters may arise in them as they grow older. Simple jesting, spiraling downward to scoffing, contempt, and eventual atheism.

1 Cor.15:33, "Evil communications corrupt good manners."

Prov.4:14, "Go not in the way of evil men."

We are NOT to keep company with the devils disciples, or partake from their table. We are not to tempt or mock God. The things that are Holy, are to be kept Holy.

If Christ were hanging on a cross before you, would you present yourself and your family to Him as one who makes jokes concerning spiritual matters. Think about it.

Would you bring your children dressed in Halloween costumes, accompanied by others dressed as Santa or the Easter bunnies. If you believe He died for these ridiculous things, then bring them or and whatever else you hold dear to yourself; Lay your gifts at His feet.

If you would not, then why do you support them? Is it because you believe Jesus return to be far off? Many Christian's encourage, speak of, support, and partake of these worldly celebrations, especially between Halloween and New Years.

The things you offer Christ had better be the things of God. Satan is not a joke, neither will the results be for following him. Jesus died for what Satan has done to you and me. The devil caused man to fall, to sin, to die and we make light of it.

During the Halloween season, children dress as devils, angels, vampires, etc. Christmas is now about Santa, decorated Christmas trees, presents: Easter is about bunnies, candy, costumes, Easter eggs. Its all done for a good laugh, to have fun, besides the kids enjoy it.

The children are taught to watch for Santa, but never for Christ. In many pagan cultures, the coloring of eggs represents the new birth. So what do we do? We take these practices, water them down, dress them up, and entertain ourselves with them.

For thanksgiving we gorge ourselves, then thank the Lord for all we have by watching football or shopping all day. Most likely less then a minute is spent in real thanksgiving. These things are the works of the flesh.

Look, I myself like a good joke. I think its good for us to laugh, and enjoy the things God has given us. But we are not to mock God, or the things of God. God will not wink nor smile, when we joke about Scriptural issues.

He gave His life for us, he set the tone, and marked the way. So lets do the right things, forget the bull. Spent your time with God, in His word and support those who teach the word and love Jesus Christ.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. Matthew 12:37

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Colossians 3:17

But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness. 2 Timothy 2:16

I agree whole heartily with Phil's writing, and I sincerely hope you pay attention to it. If needed, please, make the changes in your life. Be holy for He is Holy!

For the sake of God's truth,
Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman

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